Monday, January 24, 2011

I've been slacking

Haven't gotten around to finishing my research I said I would blog about last time. Classes are getting busy since syllabus week is actually over (there goes my 5 nights/week at the bar). On the upside, PLEDGES. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, pledge season is here. I was in class during initiation, but I'll be there to tell them how hard it was back in my back (obviously because I'm so fucking old....psych!).

Regardless, I had class tonight where the female professor told us that women weren't targeted for crimes because they were the weaker sex (oh really?). She said senior citizens were more at risk to become victims at crime at night, my only problem with that is that many old people can't even stay awake once the sun goes down. Little does she know that if my grandfather heard her say this shit, he would be furious. It would probably go down a little like this...

Tell 'em Grandpa.

Side note: I don't condone actually hitting women, but if they want to be equals with men in certain aspects, they should be aware of certain consequences. Fuck the pussification of the modern era.

Now go lift something heavy and fuck a slut. Or masturbate, you're probably a virgin if you're reading this.
Dat ass.


  1. lulz 10/10 boner achieved